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Biblically Responsible Investing

Do the portfolios I manage reflect the faith and values I share with my clients?

Do I have an efficient process to help my clients uphold their biblical values?

Would I like to get good returns and feel good about where my clients are investing?

Has God given me this opportunity to manage money for other Christians?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, God may be leading you to consider biblically responsible investing.

What Are You Investing in For Your Clients?

Faithward Capital provides biblically responsible investing opportunities for your clients who strive to apply biblical stewardship to their resources holistically – not only on a personal level, but through their investments and financial plans for the future. For clients who do not prioritize their faith in investing, there is no shortage of socially responsible investment options that elevate environmentalism or social justice. However, biblically responsible investing (BRI) provides opportunities for your clients to invest without compromising their Christian values. Faithward Capital is committed to managing the money of your clients with the BRI approach, so that they never have to worry that their investments might endorse anything that conflicts with their conscience.

Portfolio Screening, A Strong Sales Tool

We know that your clients’ Christian values should be an integral part of how they desire for their money to be used. We share your priority of ensuring that your clients’ finances are not endorsing companies that don’t align with their convictions, such as alcohol or tobacco use, gambling, or pornography. Through the use of our biblically responsible screening tools, we can exclude companies that conflict with your client’s faith, in order to develop a comprehensive, holistic package that incorporates faith and morals, without sacrificing financial growth.

Portfolio screening can appeal to many demographics, including:

  • Evangelicals
  • Roman Catholics
  • Multi-Denominational Churches
  • Pro-Life Advocates
  • Pro-Family Advocates
  • Families Affected by Alcohol
  • Families Affected by Gambling
  • Moral Conservatives
  • Veterans


Over 92% of U.S. equities do NOT violate biblically responsible screens.

$8.7 trillion

$8.7 trillion is already managed using socially responsible, faith-based or other screening methods.

1 Source: Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment as reported in the March 27, 2017 Wall Street Journal. Special Journal Reports: Wealth  Management. (Data as of July 1, 2015. This figure does not include ADRs.)

2 Source: https://www.christianpost.com/voices/biblically-responsible-investing-movement-exploding.html as reported on May 3, 2019 Christian Post

Components of Biblically Responsible Investing

Biblically responsible investing (BRI) is a holistic, integrated approach to help your clients better align their faith values with their investment goals. As stewards of the wealth that God has entrusted to us, we believe holiness is a key component in managing wealth and resources. Rather than compromising personal morals and investing in companies with questionable or outright sinful values, Faithward Capital managers can partner with you to help your clients determine God-honoring investment opportunities, without compromising financial growth.

An evaluation of companies that defend or attack the sanctity of marriage, while balancing dignity and non- discrimination.

An evaluation of companies that promote violence, profanity, sex, and/or illegal drugs through advertisements and media.

Human Rights:
An evaluation of companies operating under a regime or in a country that violates basic human rights, including Christian persecution, labor violations, and terrorism.

An evaluation of companies that support the creation or distribution of pornographic material.

An evaluation of companies that support the killing of unborn lives via drugs or surgical procedures.

Tobacco, alcohol, gambling:
An evaluation of companies that promote unhealthy or potentially damaging lifestyle choices.

A Unique Approach to Balance Faith and Fiduciary Responsibility