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Responsible Retirement Solution

Not only can Faithward Capital manage your client assets in our biblically responsible portfolios, we can also provide you with retirement plan solutions for the business and nonprofit organizations you work with who want their values to be reflected in their employer-sponsored plan.

Help Your Employees Navigate

Retirement can be a source of anxiety for your clients, but it doesn’t have to be. Faithward Capital can provide a biblically responsible option for your clients to explore, as they strive to find affordable, benefit-filled plans to keep their employees satisfied. Whether your clients offer a 401(k) or a 403(0)b plan, Faithward Capital can help your clients navigate their own retirement journey.

Our Services

At Faithward Capital, we can offer a unique retirement plan program that can be personalized to fit the individual needs of your clients’ employees and their business, overall. In addition to educating and communicating with all participants, we also provide compliance oversight, plan consulting and design, recordkeeping, and fiduciary support. We are here to provide the guidance that you and your clients may need through the navigation of retirement plan implementation. It is important for your clients to understand that there are no prohibitions against BRI within a plan, and as followers of Christ, they have the right to pursue a retirement solution that they prefer.

Our Screening Process

The benefit of ceasing to invest in companies that damage society is that investors free up their resources to support companies that positively improve the world instead. Many Christians take issue with companies that support (either directly or indirectly) subjects such as pornography, abortion, or ideas that contradict the biblical picture of the family. At Faithward Capital, we can provide your clients with the big picture of their portfolio and draw their attention to investments that may conflict with theirpersonal values.

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Specific Solutions for Your Clients

Participant-Directed Options

Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

Managed Portfolios (BRI Models)