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Our Mission

To help financial advisors and institutions deepen the impact that their faith and values have on the world around them by investing in a biblically responsible fashion.

Our Core Values

Honoring God: Placing God’s values above man’s values

Excelling: Delivering world-class results

Stewardship: Fostering wise money management principles

Partnership: Partnering with advisors to grow their businesses

Expansion: Helping to bring awareness and expand the BRI movement

Our Brand

Like the wind that drives a ship toward the horizon, Faithward Capital sets a steady course with biblically responsible investment models. Through our partnership, financial advisors and their clients can more effectively steward their treasure from the Lord. Financial advisors desire their client portfolios managed in a way that moves forward to capture opportunity. Using our time-tested investment process, our wealth management professionals steer toward companies who align with our faith and values and avoid selections that conflict with our shared principles.

Our Passion

At Faithward Capital, we are passionate about aligning Christian faith and personal values with financial stewardship. We believe that it is possible for Christians to exercise discernment with their investments, while also pursuing a God-honoring lifestyle. As a biblically responsible third-party asset management firm, we partner with advisors seeking to increase their personal freedom and flexibility, as they promote a biblical approach to investing that doesn’t compromise their clients’ financial future.

We help keep you updated with on-going market commentaries, portfolio updates, and a range of special reports to help enhance your practice.

Our Philosophy

Utilizing biblically based screening tools to choose stocks, bonds, and other investments, Faithward Capital is prepared to help you connect the dots between your clients’ personal values and their financial investments. We firmly believe that your clients’ performance goals are attainable without sacrificing the morals they hold dear.

We feature:

  • Domestic and international portfolios across multiple market capitalization ranges.
  • Diversified, actively managed portfolios built to outperform passive index strategies.
  • Portfolios of fundamentally superior stocks that pass our moral screening and are designed for strong, sustainable growth.
  • An institutional team of seasoned professionals to guide you through our disciplined, quantitative investment process and help you select the most appropriate strategies for your clients.

Our Screening Process for Investment Selection: F-E-V-R-R

We rank companies within their respective industries, seeking the most profitable that pass our selective screening process. To find high-quality stocks, we focus on five metrics:

— F —

Financial Health

Stocks with
strong balance sheets

— E —

Earnings Trends

Stocks with
rising earnings

— V —


Stocks that are
reasonably priced

— R —

Relative Strength

Stocks with
strong price momentum

— R —


Stocks with attractive
risk/reward profile

A Faithful Financial Journey

Faithward Capital was not always a biblically responsible third-party asset management firm. The modest goal of the firm was simply to offer high-quality service and creative portfolio options to advisors and advisory firms who were seeking more than “off-the-shelf” models. As we spent more time studying scripture and researching companies for investment, we realized there was a great need to align investors’ faith and values with their investment selections. Although we offered our biblically responsible models to advisors upon request, in 2020, we completely changed the mission of the firm and rebranded as Faithward Capital, an exclusively biblically responsible third-party asset management firm.

Faithward Capital manages portfolios using separately managed accounts (SMA) and consulting services on Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, Folio, and other brokerage platforms.